Sunday, January 4, 2009

9 Lives....

OK, so you've heard about my mouse issue which Thankfully was resolved over the past couple of months. (I'll spare you the gory details!) Then we had the holidays, which I must say I'm glad are finally over. Now it's time to start blogging again for the new year! So, much like my fellow Blogger Danielle, I've been pondering what I should post about and then with some help from my son, Walker, it came to me earlier this weekend.

The day after Thanksgiving, my Mom and I took part in the annual "Day after Thanksgiving" crack of dawn sales in the nearby town of Jackson. All in all we did pretty well. We got everything we set out to get. My dear Herb was working that day and since we were out early, he put in a call for some breakfast to be delivered to him (that is me delivering it to him) at work. So, off to deliver some BK breakfast we went.

I sat in the break room with him while he ate his breakfast and gave him the low down all the Christmas purchases I'd made (all before 7am I must add.) When he was finished with his breakfast he motioned me to the break room door where he told me to "ssh" and then opened the door for me to look. All I could see was small kittens scattering everywhere. I did the "aw" and "how cute!"

Herb said the Momma cat had them in the plant and that they were going to be killed with all the heavy machinery around. So, I said "You know, Sassy could use a friend. She's been lonely since Scaredy died a couple years back." To my surprise, he said "well take one home!" I was shocked.. I told him to catch me one and I'd take it home. So, I got the first one he could grab. A cute grey stripped cat with beautiful gray eyes. I put it in my coat and went to the car. My Mom who was waiting in the car let out a squeal when she saw the kitten and instructed Herb to "Go back in there and catch me one too!" So he brought out another cute kitten and we took them home.

First thing I did was give her a bath. Her hair was so filthy and dusty from the plan you couldn't hardly tell what color she was. Once that was complete I put a cute collar on her with a bell so I could know where she was. She was so small the collar was almost too big. I then introduced her to our cat Sassy.

Here's a picture of Sassy. Sassy is rather unusual looking. Her story is also one of being a "rescue" cat . I thought

for certain that she would take up with the new kitten. Boy was I wrong! I don't know who hissed louder. For about a week they couldn't stand to be in the same room with each other! After a month now things are better. Sassy does play with the new kitten and shares space with her. I think they're becoming friends.

So, for a few days the New kitten didn't have a name. I, being the good mom that I am, went through the trusty "baby name book" and picked out a page of names I thought would work. I ran each of them by my son, who would say "uh, no" about a million times. Then he shocked me by coming up on his own with a very lovely name.... Lila. I liked it. Somehow it hadn't made it onto my list but it was good. So, we now have a new kitten named Lila.

Lila is very cute.

See, I told you she was cute! However, she is also very,very curious. She's into everything!

I believe in the old saying that Cats have 9 lives. Unfortnuately, if this is true, I think our dear Lila has already used up three of her 9 lives!

Life #1 went a few weeks ago after Herb had gotten a drink out of the refridgerator. He and Walker were watching TV when they heard some banging noises coming from inside the refidgerator. He got up to see what the ruckus was and out jumps Lila when he opens the door! She had somehow gotten herself inside when he got his drink 10 minutes earlier!

Life #2 was lost a couple of weeks ago when Herb went outside. She tried to follow Herb out and managed to get her head caught between the door jamb and bottom of the door! I heard this awful sound like something dying, and when I opened the door, I could see why, her head was stuck! I quickly opened it and she came jumping up out of there! That was a close one!

Since she's so curious, Herb and I decided we needed to find something to entertain her with. We looked at Cat toys and houses and decided we couldn't afford to buy one but knew we had stuff lying around the house and garage that we could make her one with. So , New Years Day was spent in the garage building the ulimate cat playground! It was a family affair. Walker and Herb built it with very little help from me. I helped design it. It's not purrfect but it will do. after about 4-5 hours, it was done!

Life # 3 was lost playing on her new toy! Near the bottom of the above pix. you'll notice the black tube across the front with two things hanging down. These are toys that are attached to fishing line. Herb used about 4 strands on each as he was worried the toys would come off too easily if he used only one strand. A couple of days ago, Lila was playing on her toy when she suddenly jumped from one level to the next. She got her neck stuck in the fishing line and almost choked! I guess the cat should be lucky she has 6 lives left!

I sure hope that what they say about "curiousity killing the cat" doesn't come true with our new little one!

Until next time! I wish all of you out there a safe and wonderful New Years~

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